We believe that Africa will truly experience the information age when computers learn to deal with us through our own languages and culture. For close to 20 years, we have cultivated the human resource to make this possible.

University Partnerships

ALT-I being a small, agile institute took a strategic decision to collaborate with tertiary institutions to develop local capacity for research in human language technology. Some of the doctoral research undertaken in furtherance of this objective include the following.

Tonemic Information for Search Space Reduction in the ASR of Yoruba.

Tunde Adegbola.

A Tone Explicit Model for Large Vocabulary,...

Azeez Sosinmi.
Systems Engineering, UNILAG

Detecting Electronic Scam Mail of Nigerian Origin.

Deola Opesade.

A Data-Driven Model of Igbo Morphology

Clement Odoje.
Linguistics and African Languages,, UI