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Alt-i hosts African Academy of Languages (ACALAN) Workshop

From November 27th -30th  2012, Alt-i will be hosting in Lagos African Academy of Languages (ACALAN) workshop on “Bridging the last 6 inches of the Digital divide”. The last 6 inches of the digital divide is the short gap between the screen and the eye of the user of modern ICT. This short, yet critical gap of the digital divide is defined by language. The vitality of bridging the last 6 inches of the digital divide for African users of ICT is underscored by the fact that few Africans can today use modern ICTs comfortably in their mother tongues. Hence, if all other issues of the digital divide such as bandwidth, terminal, and the rest are adequately addressed, many Africans will still have the problem of participating actively in the global Information society.

ACALAN will be bringing together experts in Language, Human Language Technology, Computational Linguistics, and various other relevant disciplines, to map out strategies for bridging this last 6 inches of the digital divide.

Venue: Ibis hotel, Lagos.